Audi A4 (2024): See the exclusive reveals

After experiencing relatively quiet product novelties in 2022 and 2023, Audi will return in Olympic form during 2024.

Audi A4 (2024) – It's a well-deserved retirement that the current A4 will aspire to when it eclipses in two years,

An excessively long career for anyone struggling to hide their wrinkles, despite a major facelift that took place in 2019

Its replacement will not fail to rectify the situation by offering rechargeable blocks capable of approaching 100% levels of electrical autonomy

That's good news for the Audi S4, the entry-level sports car, which unfortunately converted to diesel for a few years.

It will also put its fingers on the plug during its revamp, as will the boisterous RS4 that will likely swap its 450bhp V6 for a hybridized 4-cylinder.

The outline of the grid will also be smoothed out, while its size will be slightly reduced.