Lamborghini Aventador rolls out and marks the end of the V12

So after 11 years of production, the Lamborghini Aventador has just been discontinued and thus marks the end of V12 engines.

So this is not just the last Aventador to be produced, the car is also regarded as the last non-electric V12 naturally aspirated Lamborghini brand.

The Aventador LP 780-4 goes to a customer in Switzerland, and was painted in a special light blue color by Ad Personam, the brand's personalization service.

Anyway after that production had to be restarted, after the loss of 15 copies after a ship carrying it sank in the Atlantic.

The automobile has a new 6.5 liter V12 engine, and has joined with Lamborghini's most famous and most remembered vehicles.

So, for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, the Aventador LP 700-4 has always been a longstanding brand tradition.

Over the course of its production, the Aventador became the best-selling of all Lamborghini V12 vehicles.