Meet the most expensive model of the Alpine A110 ever produced

If you don't own a Formula 1 car, you can get behind the wheel of a car developed by a famous driver.

This is Alpine's proposal for its A110 R Fernando Alonso, limited to 32 copies.

Inevitably, for those who follow a little motorsport, today's event makes a smile: Alpine presents a limited edition of its latest A110R

Ironically, as the two-time F1 world champion just knocked on the French team's door a few weeks ago.

While he wanted to renew his contract for two years, Alpine F1 reportedly refused him, on the pretext of a somewhat advanced age (41 years old).

Still, this special edition of the A110R, in the name of the Spaniard, is a potential collector.

On the other hand, no changes made to the 1.8 turbo whose power has increased to 300 hp could not be greater given the space dedicated to it.