New Honda CR-V 2023 comes to Impress!

The Honda brand has just unveiled the new 2023 CR-V which will have a considerably higher starting price than the previous model.

So the simplest version of the Honda CR-V was the LX trim in the year 2022, and it started at $ 28,045 ($ 26,800 plus $ 1,245 to the destination).

Now, however, the finish has been discontinued and the lineup begins with the EX 2WD model.

So even if we take into account the changes in finishes, the car is more expensive.

Last year, the CR-V EX started at US$ 30,555, which is US$ 1,800 less than the 2023 model.

With a new seven-inch touchscreen, an engine that produces 190 hp (142 kW/193 hp) and other improvements

Therefore its combined power for the configuration is 204 hp