Volkswagen Parati 1996 0km saved until today

We know that finding a Volkswagen Parati from the year 1996 0km in a garage, abandoned for many years, is every collector's dream.

This is what happened to the incredible Reginaldo de Campinas, a great hunter who discovers old and rare cars for sale in Brazil.

However, the car he found is a Volkswagen classic, it is a square Parati, from the year 1996, in the GL 1.8 version.

The car was stored in the owner's garage, without even being plated. It still has the plastics on the seats, and all original factory accessories.

The Volkswagen Parati engine is an AP 1.8, generating a total of 95 hp of power.

The incredible part of this story is that Parati had never been on the streets after leaving the dealership where it was acquired.

With some information, the former owner, even without running, still liked to do some important maintenance on the car.