New Chevrolet Montana 2023 is already in testing

Chevrolet already has some models of the new 2023 Montana running in test, and without camouflage.

So far we still don't know if the model will arrive this year. But that next year is for sure.

Probably the new Montana arrives with the launch of the new Silverado, which arrives in 2023.

Finally, the new Montana was made with a front inspired by the TrailBlazer, and some traces of Colorado.

Chevrolet recently showed the car with camouflage, in the final stage of development. This could be the opportunity for Chevrolet to launch the car in 2022.

With some information, the new model will only hit the streets in 2023.

This new model will be very good for the company, as it has not launched any models since 2020. Tracker was Chevrolet's last impact launch, and it took place in 2020.

So this release of Montana 2023 is moving the company. Chevrolet is making some adjustments at the factory in São Caetano do Sul, to produce the model in large volume.

With a statement from Chevrolet, at the beginning the plan is to sell at least 5,000 units per month. Thus positioning the brand among the ten best-selling cars.

With this number of sales, the model will be a direct competitor of Fiat Toro.

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As always, the model will be made on the Tracker and Onix platform.

The engine of the new Montana will also be the 1.2 turbo, generating 133 horsepower, with a six-speed gearbox.

These images that we show you are just a projection. We still don't know if the model produced will be the same.

The projection was made by the amazing Brazilian designer, Kleber Silva, from KDesign AG. He presented this new Montana project, now we have to wait and see if Chevrolet will use the model.

Certainly the projection is very close to the version they are developing.

Source: Autoevolution

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