Lamborghini Gallardo mounted on Hilux chassis

This car was inspired by a Lamborghini Gallardo and was mounted on a Toyota Hilux chassis and the engine is from the Lexus brand.

We know that Thailand has a lot of these modifications in cars. So there are plenty of enthusiasts and lots of shops that build or modify cars.

So this project is a Lamborghini Gallardo mounted on top of a Hilux chassis and with an amazing Lexus engine.

The model was presented in a video by CB Media, a store that makes some replicas of supercars and with a greater focus on Lamborghini Gallardo and also the Aventador.

It's certainly a project that caught the attention of the Youtube crowd, especially this Gallardo that turned off-road.

This is the only Lamborghini model supported by a Toyota Hilux chassis. It was a test project that the store took the risk of doing, but here is the result.

Finally, the car was assembled with a Lexus engine, installed in the front of the vehicle.

However, the engine can be chosen by the customer, cars have already been made with an Audi V6 engine and even a Honda K-Series turbo four-cylinder engine, all very powerful.

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They even develop the headlights, which are identical to the originals, only in other sizes, to suit the car produced.

The Lamborghini Gallardo mounted on the Hilux chassis is one of the store's projects, and they have several projects in the works.

Another skill they have is developing furniture inspired by sports cars. They've already made a table with the fronts of several Lamborghini, and even a sofa inspired by the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Therefore, the Lamborghini replicas that they develop cost approximately US$ 60,000.00 (R$319,800.00), which is slightly more expensive than an original Gallardo 4×4 which costs US$ 45,000.00 (R$239,850.00).

Check out the images and video below:

photo reproduction

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