Check out the cheapest electric cars in the country

Looking for the cheapest electric cars in the country?

Here we have put together a selection with several very interesting options that are cost-effective for your pocket.

Of course, the amounts charged are higher than common models, but that doesn't have to be an obstacle at first.

After all, they are quite economical, a factor that draws a lot of attention from car lovers. So, see below for our list of the cheapest electric cars in the country.

Renault Kwid E-TECH

So the top car on our list here is the Renault Kwid E-TECH. In this case, the look of the vehicle is the same as the traditional versions.

However, the front is more closed. In addition, it has LED lights on the front, bumpers and stripes on the sides.

However, what stands out about the Renault Kwid E-TECH is the price, it is being sold for just over R$ 142 thousand.

Therefore, it can already be considered the cheapest electric car in Brazil today.


The JAC E-JS1 EXT is a version of the JAC – EJS1, which is also an electric car.

However, in the case of the JAC E-JS1 EXT, the big change is the visual issue, as it has alloy wheels and a side strip, in addition to the inscription “EJS1-EXT”.

So, in this particular case, it is trading for around R$ 179K.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is from the new generation of the Zoe here in Brazil and it arrived in our country about a year ago.

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So, in this electric model, the look is what attracts, as it is more modern, especially on the outside.

In addition, there is improvement in the engine, which has 135 hp and a range of 385 km. In addition, the Renault Zoe is being sold in Brazil for around R$ 204 thousand.

Fiat 500e

Continuing our list of the cheapest electric cars in the country, it is also worth mentioning the Fiat 500e.

Therefore, we are talking about the Italian Hatch, only now it is also electric, ideal for those looking for an economical car.

Thus, what draws attention in the Fiat 500e is the look, with rounded front headlights and the inscription of the vehicle's name on the front.

So, talking about costs, the Fiat 500e is being marketed from R$ 255 thousand here in Brazil.

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