McDonald's is notified by Procon after controversy

When selling the McPicanha sandwich without picanha, McDonald's ended up getting involved in a great controversy and that had a lot of repercussion on social networks last week.

understand the controversy

In early April, there was the launch of the new McDonald's hamburger, the McPicanha.

However, the Eat With Eyes page did a review of the brand's snacks.

Thus, it published exactly this sandwich, McPicanha, informing that it did not have picanha among the ingredients.

In this way, the whole situation spread over the internet and many customers began to complain on social networks, especially on Twitter.

In this way, the repercussion was so great and negative, that the company had to confess that the hamburger does not have picanha, only a picanha-flavored sauce.

Procon notifies McDonald's

With the absurd repercussion of the case, Procon notified the company and established that it should present until May 2 the entire nutritional table of the sandwich.

McDonald's was also asked for the publicity material used for the disclosure.

Therefore, fearing all this reaction, the company informed that it will remove the sandwich from the menu.

Experts say the brand can't highlight something that doesn't exist

According to experts, the brand had a deceptive behavior and conduct towards customers.

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According to experts, there is a mislead about a feature that is crucial to the product.

So, the network is announcing something that doesn't exist, which cannot be done at all in Brazil.

In this way, experts say that it is useless to put it in lower case to explain. It is necessary to have a clear posture, which the company lacked.

For some lawyers, it is essential that the company still adopts a counter-advertising to clarify for the client.

Therefore, the communication violates the Consumer Defense Code, as it is a deceptive advertising

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