Inmetro requests study to standardize charger sockets in electric cars

Electric car charger sockets in Brazil should soon gain the long-awaited standardization.

According to Adalberto Maluf, president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE), there is already a working group that was developed at the request of the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) for this standardization to take place.

Therefore, the objective is to make manufacturers start producing the same type of input to connect cars to the 1,500 charging bases that already exist in our country today.

According to Maluf, who is also the marketing director of the Chinese manufacturer BYD, who informed the Economic value. He believes in the development of electric cars in Brazil based on this research into sockets and entrances.

In addition, he mentions that lithium sources from Argentina and Chile, as well as from Minas Gerais, can also help in the growth of this market.

Finally, the lack of structure does not prevent the growth of electric car sales

The lack of road structure in Brazil has not impeded the growth of electric car sales.

According to Henrique Antunes, director of BYD Brazil, 80% of recharges take place at the car owner's own home.

In fact, BYD offers the fast charger – called Wallbox – free of charge for anyone who buys the Tan EV in Brazil, which was recently launched.

Antunes also awaits an adaptation of people's behavior. According to him, little by little, drivers will develop the habit of stopping for coffee at electric car charging stations. The same habit they have when filling up at conventional gas stations.

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Volvo is one of the companies most interested in developing charging stations. Therefore, the company committed itself to installing 13 electrical corridors along 3,200 kilometers of the road.

So according to the company, these stations are capable of recharging vehicles in up to 40 minutes.

Hybrid market is booming

In 2021 alone, the electrified light vehicle market presented the best performance in the historical series made by ABVE, with more than 34 thousand cars sold.

Therefore, the brand surpassed the number reached in 2020, representing an increase of 77%.

As there is no production of fully electric cars here, the government zeroed the tax rate on imports of this type of model 6 years ago. Even hydrogen-powered vehicles are also not taxed.

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