The best-selling luxury cars in the country

The most sold luxury cars in the country draw attention, specifically because they are extremely expensive cars, but they still manage to have a good exit in the Brazilian market.

According to an Infomoney survey, even with the pandemic, the number of sales of these vehicles grew exponentially.

These cars deliver do not deliver luxury, but also practicality and sophistication, in addition to high technology.

So, check out the best-selling luxury cars in the country here. Come with us!

Toyota SW4 – From R$ 175 thousand

Certainly the champion among the best-selling luxury cars is the Toyota SW4, from the Japanese brand and which has a number of interesting features.

So, surely the main one is safety, as it now has more airbags. In total, there are 7 airbags.

In addition, navigation also draws attention, with an 8-inch multimedia center and well-equipped GPS.

Inside, there are new coatings, as well as a personalized key and seats with an excellent ventilation system.

BMW 3 Series – From R$ 195k

In the second position, you have one of the most luxurious car models, the BMW 3 Series, which is one of the most loved brands by Brazilians.

In this way, in its 7th generation it arrives reformulated, specifically in the look, with more modern and sophisticated headlights, in addition to incredibly beautiful bumpers and lanterns.

In turn, the interior is also wider and with materials in aluminum and leather.

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BMW X1 – From R$ 195 thousand

The BMW X1 also enters this list, occupying the third place, which only shows the acceptance of this brand by Brazilians.

So, in this case, what really draws attention is the visual part, as it has round fog lights and the rear is much more modern.

In addition, the look is complemented with 18 or 19-inch wheels, depending on the version chosen.

Volvo XC60 – From R$ 245 thousand

Rounding out our list is the Volvo XC60, a vehicle that is also one of the best-selling luxury cars in the country.

Thus, the look is a determining factor, as it gained new wheels and dual exhaust outlets.

In turn, there is a hybrid version too, with a 2.0 engine. In addition, there are not many changes, because Volvo's philosophy is that you don't mess with a winning team.

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