Audi A4 (2024): See the exclusive reveals

After experimenting with relatively calm product launches in 2022 and 2023, Audi will return in Olympic form during 2024. It comes with an avalanche of new products, including a completely revamped A4.

Audi A4 (2024) – It's a well-deserved retirement that the current A4 will aspire to when it eclipses in two years, nine years after its launch.

An exceedingly long career for anyone struggling to hide their wrinkles, despite a major facelift that took place in 2019, and an end to life in front of the bold BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

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Its replacement will not fail to rectify the situation by offering rechargeable blocks capable of approaching 100% levels of electrical autonomy. So with a hybridization light level (48V) in a future range of engines definitely turning its back on diesel, a priori.

That's good news for the Audi S4, the entry-level sports car, which unfortunately converted to diesel for a few years. It will also put its fingers on the plug during its revamp, as will the boisterous RS4 which will likely swap its 450bhp V6 for a hybridised 4-cylinder.

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In terms of style, the A4 will turn its back on the protruding edges to show off smooth lines, more borrowed from Latin.

The outline of the grid will also be smoothed out, while its size will be slightly reduced. In profile, the handles will be more discreet because of aerodynamics, while additional character will be provided by more pronounced shoulders, at the level of the rear fenders, as well as a slightly raised third side window.

At the rear, the lights will no longer form more than a wide strip of light curved at their midpoint to accommodate the rings under the spoiler incorporated in the trunk, while, further down, the shields will increase the size of the diffuser to gain a sporty look. A4's strongest character.

Which, in its sedan configuration, will shorten the top of the trunk to lengthen the roof drop, in order to approach the beauty canons of the Sportback variants. A type of bodywork on the verge of disappearing, in addition to the coupe and convertible. Since the A5 line, closely derived from the A4, should not be renewed.

As our exclusive illustration suggests, the dashboards of future Audis will give way to the fashion of large digital dashboards. As in Mercedes for many years and more recently in BMW models.

But the future Ingolstadt fleet will stand out with the addition of a third dedicated, passenger-facing display slightly set back from the other two.

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The assembly must adopt a curved shape to better match the surrounding aspect of the cockpit. The rear view camera relay slabs will be housed on the front of the latter.

Source: Reproduction
Source: Reproduction

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