Car Voador could be launched and come to Brazil

This incredible flying car will be launched and it already has its values, the model can even be bought from Brazil.

The model Jetson One, from the Swedish company Jetson, will be able to carry people up to 95 kg, and will be able to fly up to 20 minutes per trip.

Anyway, with this traffic we have today, several drivers are already thinking about the possibility of having such a flying car.

Therefore, it would be very good to eliminate heavy traffic and reach the final destination faster.

We know it's still only in projects and tests, but soon we'll have some of these models on the streets.

Despite seeming a distant technology, the company Jetson from Sweden, with the same name as the design of yesteryear. It has already worked hard to develop and bring this reality to the market.

The company Jetson, of urban air mobility, has already informed that it is about to launch its first model of flying car. Which are expected to deliver some units by the end of 2023.

Jetson One Flying Car.

The Jetson One flying car will have capacity for a single person, it will certainly be a revolution in the transport industry, land and air.

So with some information that is on the company's website, the Jetson One will be a vehicle for personal use.

The car is now available for pre-order and can be purchased worldwide. Its value is approximately US$92,000.00 something around R$430,000.00.

They also reported that chassis number #5 was purchased by a Brazilian, resident of the city of Campinas, in SP.

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The Jetson One weighs 86kg and can carry a person weighing up to 95kg. Its journey can take up to 20 minutes, and it reaches up to 101km/h, with approximately 102 hp of power in two engines with electric system.

Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternstrom, are the two creators of the Jetson One project.

Therefore, the company informed that security is the main thing in the project, and that they hope to provide the best experience for users.

Anyway, the flying car also has a system that can identify the field of flight, and see if there are obstacles. It has an autopilot mode, for emergencies and even has a quick-release parachute.

The vehicle's structure was made entirely of aluminum and carbon fiber. Thus leaving the car lighter to have better performance and autonomy.

For those who thought that the future of flying cars was far away, they were very wrong. Soon we will see some cars passing through the sky.

Source: MoneyTimes

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