Fortnite creator teams up with Lego to enter the Metaverse

The company Lego and owner of Fortnite have just teamed up to create a space in the amazing metaverse.

We know that the virtual world is a super inspiring and creative experience that will engage people of all ages.

The great brand, which develops great games, the famous Epic Games, creator of the game Fortnite. It has just closed a partnership with the toy brand Lego, to create a space in the metaverse, focused more on children.

So they released a note together, explaining that the virtual world will be for everyone to have fun together, both adults and children.

In addition, the companies also said that they will use the incredible metaverse, to capture more users, with a safe system that is totally positive.

Companies are believing that there is still great potential to improve children's performance in the digital world.

Lego Group CEO “Niels B Christiansen” said they are already looking forward to working with Epic Games, and developing the best projects for the future.

They also said that if they have already managed to get children to play with physical toys, they will do the same with digital toys.

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So Epic Games CEO “Tim Sweeney” said they are also very confident about this partnership. That will create something very creative and lively for the kids and their entire family.

In addition to owning games like Fortnite and Gears of War, Epic has focused a lot on those under 16, improving the experience for young people and underage people.

To this day, Lego creates many products for adults, but its main focus is building blocks for children.

Anyway, we still don't have much information, such as the release date or the details of how this system will work.

Source: InfoMoney

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