New Harley Davidson Electric Mountain Bike

The brand Harley Davidson presented its new electric mountain bike that can be blocked in situations such as theft.

With some information, this is the second generation of the model. And the values are approximately from R$18,000.00 to R$27,000.00 if you convert directly from the dollar to the real.

It's exactly nine months after the release of the Harley Davidson Serial 1, and now they've announced their second generation.

As technology advances, bikes will be connected to Google's cloud system. That's why the value is much higher than the new Caloi Mobylette, which still doesn't have this option.

So this new generation of Serial 1 will have four different options. Being the Bash, Rush or City Speed, or the Rush option, City Speed Thru, and also in the Mosh option, there are three models for riding in the city and one more prepared for off-road.

In this new generation of electric bikes, they will use Google's cloud connection, so you can calculate and see the best route to follow. Thus being able to reduce the time of the ride or even being able to block the bike, in case it has been stolen.

All information that will be collected by the Google system will be in the bike app.

So with this information, it will be able to show the battery life, some problems or even some reports about the route.

Another information is that the Harley Davidson electric bike will have a USB port to charge some devices.

In the city riding models, the batteries are 0.5kWh lithium-ion batteries that can run from 48 to 144 km or there is a 0.7 kWh option that can run up to 168 km.

The maximum speed that the e-bike reaches is up to 45 km/h. That's because it has an electric motor with 9.2 kgfm of torque, which was attached to the bike's sail foot.

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Finally, Harley Davidson electric bikes will have three riding options, all controlled by the handlebar panel.

All models will have aluminum frames, with a disc brake system, LED flashlight, headlight and even a trunk. The bikes also got Michelin E-Wild tires that have great grip and saddle suspension.

A great novelty in this line is the Mosh model, which will be more prepared to ride on off-road roads.

According to some websites, only 1,050 of this electric mountain bike will be produced. And by the looks of it, they will only be marketed in Europe or the USA.

The model starts at U$3,799 (approximately R$18,000.00), or the more expensive model that can go up to U$5,599 (something around R$27,000.00).

Now we just have to wait and see if they will import any copies here to Brazil.

Source: Auto Sport

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