Check out the 4 best trail cars

Trail and adventure cars are a category that has been gaining more and more admirers.

After all, we are talking about resistant, practical and very robust car models, in addition to being highly powerful.

Also known as off-road, these cars meet the daily needs of use and are able to travel through risky terrain and roads quite easily.

So, check out our selection of the best trail cars below, we’ve separated 4 options. Look!

1 – Jeep Compass

A very interesting option for a trail car is the Jeep Compass, which has been available here since 2012.

So, in its 2nd generation it comes with a very modern appearance, equipped with an efficient engine and several components that make it quite attractive.

Today the Compass line comes in 4 versions, namely:





So, about his accessories, he has:

LED headlights:

Rear horizon lanterns;

Sturdy bumpers.

In turn, it also offers the following engines:

1.3 turbo flex, 6-speed automatic transmission and 4×2 traction;

2.0 turbodiesel, with 9-speed automatic transmission system and 4×4 traction.

2 - Troller T4

Despite the Troller T4 being an SUV type car, it draws attention for transiting well on urban roads and still being able to perform well on trails.

So, in this car you have the 3.2 Duratorq 5-cylinder engine. Because it has a robust propeller, it is quite efficient on difficult, bumpy and even muddy roads.

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So, as for its accessories, the Troller 4 stands out for:

LED flashlights;

spare tire attached to the trunk;

Ceiling rack;

3 – Suzuki Jimny is another option among the best trail cars

You still have the Suzuki Jimny, which is available in four versions, namely:





So, this model has 4×4 traction, but it also has important accessories, such as:

Electric windows;

Audio system;

Hydraulic steering and much more.

However, what stands out in this model is, of course, its height from the ground. Therefore, it is an excellent choice among trail cars.

4 – Toyota Hilux

Of course, among the trail cars it is worth mentioning the Toyota Hilux, a model that is already well known and has its value.

So, it has 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as a sporty and well-designed design, especially in the taillights.

Inside you have the cabin with blue lighting panel and analog devices. However, the difference in the Toyota Hilux is its start, which can be done without a key.

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