Ifood electric motorcycle will be sold in São Paulo

The iFood company has just announced the amazing EVS Work electric motorcycle that will be sold in São Paulo for approximately R$ 9,990.90.

This electric motorcycle was developed by the Voltz brand, and will be sold to delivery partners of Ifood. The model was announced by R$11990.90 but already adjusted to R$9990.90.

Therefore, Startup is enabling some tests with the model and the stations that will change the batteries.

For Ifood delivery guys who buy these EVS Work Ifood motorcycles, they will have discounts when changing the batteries.

Another novelty is that the BV bank is also a partner in this new project for the Ifood motorcycle. Finally, the bank will release some special conditions for those who want to buy this electric motorcycle.

The BV institution will release a subsidy of up to R$2,000.00 on the first 300 units that are financed. Therefore, credit is subject to consultation for approval of the value, and depends on the name of each buyer.

The great importance of those involved in this project, is just not to pollute the environment. Always thinking about sustainability and the planet's ecosystem.

So far, it will only be possible to buy this motorcycle in São Paulo. This is because they are already equipping some Ipiranga stations to change the batteries.

This project is being implemented in the state of São Paulo, and at least 100 quick battery replacement locations are being installed in neighborhoods such as República, Lapa, Pinheiros, Consolação, Itaim Bibi and a few others.

If their idea works out, the owner of the bike won't own the battery. Then he will be able to use the charge, and exchange it at some quick exchange point, so he doesn't have to keep charging every day.

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Of course, all motorcycles will have their charger, to charge in any outlet, there is the choice of each one.

As it is still a change in the delivery system, they are already installing exchange stations in 19 posts in the capital.

So after some tests with just 30 Ifood delivery guys, they claim that they reduced the cost of deliveries a lot.

The EVS electric motorcycle has a range of up to 180 km with two batteries and can reach up to 85 km/h.

Finally, the EVS Work Ifood electric motorcycle model comes with a 2-year warranty, to reassure buyers a little.

Source:  Secret Autos

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