CBF may sell two of its aircraft to reduce costs

The current president of CBF is looking to sell two of the aircraft, to reduce costs.

So it will be an Airplane and a Helicopter that are from the confederation and generate high maintenance costs. Ednaldo Rodrigues' proposal is that with this sale they will generate revenue for CBF.

Finally, President Ednaldo Rodrigues said that the sale is because of the expense. An annual value of approximately R$13 million with maintenance on both aircraft. This information was provided by the “Ge” website.

With this new idea, the president will convene an assembly next month. Thus, it will seek approval for the sale, since the aircraft are CBF's assets.

With some information, President Ednaldo Rodrigues is looking to raise around R$50 million from the sale.

The president also said that the value has to be reversed in improvements to the CBF structures, training centers, fields, improvements to the lawns and improvements in lighting.

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So we have to remember that last year, Rogério Caboclo, the former president of CBF, was already doing business with the two aircraft.

Rogério Caboclo had sold the plane for R$32 million and was buying another one for R$72 million. Having to invest more R$40 million of CBF's cash.

After former President Caboclo had to step down from office, all negotiations had to be canceled and studied again.

So now we have to wait for the assembly to know if they will sell or not.

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