New Volvo EX90 with advanced safety systems and more

Set to replace the XC90 when it launches on November 9, the new all-electric Volvo EX90 will offer two-way charging and state-of-the-art interior technology.

Volvo is set to take a big step towards full electrification in 2022, with the launch of an EV replacement for its flagship XC90 SUV. The new model is nicknamed the EX90. It will have a full reveal on November 9 before going on sale next year.

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The images indicate an evolutionary design over the XC90, but the EX90's technology suite will far surpass its predecessor. The Swedish company has confirmed that bi-directional charging will be available. This allows the EX90 to power external electrical devices and provide power back to a home.

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The system will also be able to charge other electric Volvos. The company's load management software can reduce energy costs for the user by charging during periods of low demand. When energy demand is high, the car can also sell energy back to the grid. This, although, these features depend on specific market rules.

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In keeping with Volvo's focus on safety, the new EX90 will also feature plenty of advanced equipment to protect pedestrians, cyclists and other road users as well as occupants. According to Joachim de Verdier, head of Safe Vehicle Automation at Volvo Cars, “We believe the EX90 is the safest Volvo car ever made”.

Source: Reproduction

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