New Harley Davidson Giotto Australia has just been revealed

The new Harley Davidson Giotto Australia has been unveiled and is proof that Russians still love American motorcycles.

So we still don't have a scale to measure the current level of danger to incredible planetary peace, compared to levels in the past.

So for most of us who are adults who don't remember those times, the bar seemed pretty high.

Anyway, with these tensions between the US and Russia over stocks in Ukraine, they usually have nothing to do with ordinary people and their automotive tastes.

Even with its avowed position towards anything Western, Russia cannot stop its people from liking and wanting American products.

Long before this situation started, we discovered an amazing custom motorcycle shop called “Box39”.

The store is focused on the motorcycles that Americans are making under the Harley Davidson name.

Customization disappeared for a while from the public scene, now it returns with three new builds, as a testament that political and military turmoil shouldn't affect what's right in the world.

We'll be showing all three builds over the next few weeks and we'll start today with something called Giotto Australia.

The Harley Davidson Giotto model is the name of an entire line of V-Rods modified by the Box39. So Australia was put there because that's where the bike was assembled, using Russian-made parts.

The Box39 store is first and foremost an amazing custom wheel manufacturer, and that's what we have here too. A totally different model of wheels for this bike.

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The multi-spoke wheels, measuring 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear, fit the bike's overall look like a super highlight.

The bike has its custom plastic body kit, the Night Rod which served as the basis for the conversion. However, they also modified the scale, pulley and fuel tank fork extension on the Box39.

All custom parts (including the engine) were painted in shades of gray and black.

So far we still don't know the price of this bike. But keep in mind that the modification is new, and we're not exactly living the best of days, financially speaking, so a high price tag may probably be the only option for the model.

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