Opal 0km: Diplomat Model 88 is on display at a dealership

Chevrolet is a brand of American origin, but with a global base. What if you were looking for a new model for your day-to-day, visiting one of your dealerships and found an 88 0km Opal? This can happen if you pass through the Recife region.

A 1988 Opal is on display at the GM dealership, available in Recife, ensuring that many eyes are surprised by the beauty of the 88 diplomat.

More precisely, the residents of Recife can visit the powerful one at Caxanga Veículos. It is quite a tour for those who are outside and want to capture some images with the vehicle.

From some photos, we can identify an impeccable painting, as well as an untouched interior, including plastics arranged by the seats.

Regarding the engine, it is possible to visualize a car that is almost 30 years old with just one battery change. The other vehicle fragments are original.

However, even if those passionate about the model of Chevrolet want to take advantage of the novelty to try to acquire it, this will not be possible, as the model is not for sale.

On the Opal's speedometer, you can see only 70km traveled. If it was intended for sale, it could not, however, be characterized as new, as it would have to have less than 50km.

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Chevrolet really has an American heritage, the brand has been selling SUVs for 70 years.

Safety and driving pleasure are at the heart of Chevrolet driving, with very flexible vehicles and a special interior.

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For example, the passenger seat extends completely, which is typical of Chevrolets.

The Opal model is one of the brand's relics, ensuring that, even after so long, the car in question continues to attract eyes wherever it is.

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