Renault Captur is available in 30 days

After the Arkana, it is the turn of the Renault Captur to be part of the “Fast Track” offer. The idea is simple: a new vehicle available in 30 days. Remember, it was getting hotter and hotter, and summer break was fast approaching.

Back then, you could go to Renault to order an Arkana and have it delivered within 30 days. A real achievement in these times of scarcity, where delays of several months have been democratized and trivialized. It was in June. Four months later, Renault puts the cover back on, but this time on the Captur, one of the brand's best sellers with the Arkana. Therefore, it is not by chance that the diamond chose these two models.

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Today, the delivery time is therefore a selling point. It probably comes second on the customer list, right behind price! a height. But it is an illustration of a complex global situation and factories that are idle. Last week, Renault's site in Douai, which had already struggled with the launch of the electric Mégane, had to shut down again for two days.

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Which is not to help those who are waiting for their Mégane E-Tech, produced in the northern factory. But Renault has more than one trick up its sleeve: after the Arkana, it is the Captur that benefits from the Fast Track offer, which allows you to benefit from your vehicle in less than 30 days. crises and the pandemic, but which today has become simply exceptional. Of course, it is subject to conditions:

  • Any request for equipment, accessories, adaptations or options not present in the Captur techno fast track model;
  • Technical issue(s) that require the vehicle to be locked by the manufacturer;
  • Non-acceptance of the expected date of delivery during consultation to determine the place and date of delivery.

As with Arkana, if you want to have your Captur hybrid in under 30 days, you'll have to avoid exploring the options. Of course, because to deliver cars at that time, Renault must carefully plan its production with very specific models.

But then what are they? Renault chose the Captur in a Techno finish, with additional standard equipment: 10-inch digital instrumentation, 9.3-inch touchscreen, induction charger, two-tone paint and spare wheel. Only two engines are in the program with the 140hp mild hybrid and the 145hp Captur E-Tech full hybrid.

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But beware, as always with these offers, they remain “while stocks last”, and valid on the “participating” Renault network. Additionally, the Fast Track program on Captur will only be awarded for orders placed between October 5th and October 31st.

Source: Reproduction
Source: Reproduction

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