New Audi E-Tron prototype has just been revealed

O Audi E-Tron production is close to start, as the company showed the new prototype in Hamburg.

With an engineered camouflage and dazzling orange accents, the prototype features a mesh grille. In addition to updated headlights, which, according to the manufacturer, have innovations, despite their appearance not being that different.

On its underside, there is a front bumper that brings together several elements of the standard model and the variant, but this time a little sporty.

However, without a doubt, the most notable change in the Audi E-Tron is the air curtains, as they now have a much sportier contour.

In addition, the changes follow at the rear of the vehicle, as it is possible to perceive a new rear bumper and diffuser. The model also gained an e-tron emblem that integrates with the taillights.

Audi did not give details about the Audi E-Tron prototype

Audi didn't give much details about the prototype, as it still keeps some secrets about it to itself.

However, some previous reports indicate that the vehicle could be called the Q8 E-Tron so that the brand's position becomes more evident.

Not to mention that the reports also suggest that the crossover can be equipped with much more efficient engines, also having an energy recovery system, in addition to a newer and updated battery.

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This will soon make the Audi E-Tron capable of reaching 600 km in WLTP, an impressive increase over its range today, which is just over 400 km.

In the United States, the crossover starts selling for more than U$ 70,000 and has a battery of 95 kWh. Capable of driving a 4-wheel drive system.

Therefore, the car is capable of going from 0 to 96 km/h in just over 5 seconds.

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