Volkswagen Group already thinks about the Future of Autonomous Cars

The Volkswagen Group surprised by showing a new study of futuristic design for vehicles with incredible autonomous driving capabilities.

The concept Gen.Travel it may not be produced, but some of its features will be enhanced in the brand's cars.

According to the designers who developed the model, the lines established between the bodies and the sedan are focused on a premium vehicle.

Thus, it has proportions that are unconventional. The windshield, for example, is wrapped vertically and merges into a large greenhouse.

So, for the driver to have a maximum view of the outside, the cabin reaches up to waist level in a transparent section.

On top of all that, the Gen.Travel concept also has two large doors to aid entry and exit. Not counting:

  • LED lights:
  • Short hood;
  • aerodynamic wheels;
  • Fenders in black.
Discover the inside of Gen.Travel

As if all this were not enough, the interior of the vehicle is also impressive. With a fully autonomous capability, at level 5.

In this way, the concept is developed with sustainable materials, especially for upholstery.

Inside there are four seats for individual use, in addition to a large table. With dynamic lighting, an impressive ambience is created for business trips.

Then, with the night configuration, the two front seats are transformed into beds, guaranteeing extreme safety and comfort when lying down.

In addition, Gen.Travel lighting adjusts to contribute to passengers' melatonin production, helping them sleep naturally.

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For children, there is the so-called “family setting”, which promotes augmented reality in games and is ideal for entertaining children during long trips.

The Volkswagen Group did not mention the detailed specifications, but the vehicle concept is expected to be fully electric.

Finally, Gen.Travel makes use of artificial intelligence, with autonomous driving, increasing efficiency and range.

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