New Chevrolet Blazer SS EV 2024 will have a Car version

This new Chevrolet Blazer SS EV 2024 will have a police car version.

The model has now been unveiled to the entire world. The new Chevrolet Blazer EV is an amazing SUV that comes with 100% electric motor.

So the car was presented, and soon after it was revealed in the car version. The SUV will be the new US police vehicle, called PPV (Blazer Police Pursuit Vehicle).

According to some information, the new car will be made in the Blazer SS model. Because of the power and the Ultium battery that will have more autonomy.

Anyway, speaking of this Blazer that had the transformation into a police car, it had to have some modifications from the original model.

It comes with a bumper with a bull bar with LEDs, a headlamp on the column and the gyroflex on the roof of the car. So we still only have one image to share.

The new Blazer PPV has all the characteristics of US vehicles. It has a black stripe made by General Motors itself, and also with black wheels, apparently made of steel, replacing the alloy wheels.

This was a projection that left the Chevrolet Blazer with a very innovative look for a US police vehicle.

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So even without images of the interior of the car, GM has already confirmed that the new Blazer PPV will come out with a different cabin.

Surely the car needs places to accommodate the equipment they always use in vehicles. As the commands of sirens and lights, radio and tablet for police functions.

Probably GM will develop a simpler cabin, to reduce a little the cost and value of car maintenance.

Now we have to wait for more information, to know the car's power and also the autonomy, as it is a 100% electric car.

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