New Beetle could be launched and has chances to come to Brazil

Therefore, the New Electric Beetle can be produced in China and will have 544 horsepower.

The model is already well known for (Chinese Beetle), it will probably have two-engine traction, which can generate up to 544 horsepower.

Anyway, the version is a Punk Cat, which was made by Great Wall and will be released in the China market. But they have already entered the documents to register the car here in the Brazilian market.

At the moment the car is called Punk Cat but people are starting to call it the Chinese Beetle.

With some information, the new Beetle can come with two electric motors, generating incredible power. It can also have a deluxe version, with all-wheel drive.

The model made by Great Wall was very similar to the Volkswagen Beetle. Even the chrome fenders, headlights and bumpers, they managed to make it look similar.

The big difference from one car to another is probably the technology and the electric motor. Not to mention that the new Chinese Beetle got a little bigger and wider.

So far the developers have not passed any value to the car. But we already have information that the model has already been registered for the Brazilian automotive trade.

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The brand reported that the new model is an option for those who want technology and an electrified engine, but also like the retro model.

Now we have to wait and see when the model will be released, to come to Brazil.

A not so good news is that because it is imported and the dollar at its current value, it is probably quite expensive. But for sure we will see some running around our Brazil.

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