Volkswagen Golf 2023: The Restyled Compact

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf will go through the restyling box in spring 2023. Would the best be inside? Find out below.

Marketed since March 2020, the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf is reaching middle age.

In spring 2023 it will logically pass through the restyle box. As usual, in Volkswagen and especially in its compact star, the cosmetic operation will not be revolutionary.

Instead, the manufacturer is targeting discreet changes to update the car's light signature and reshape the shields.

In the cabin, on the other hand, we can't miss the arrival of a large touchscreen perched on top of the center console.

This equipment alone will characterize this Golf 8 phase 2.

An interface that the compact sedan stole from the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 electric models and which it will join with the upcoming VW Tiguan, also fully released in the testing phase, as well as the future Passat.

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The multimedia interface with two screens of the same height placed in a row, Mercedes A-Class style, will not last long.

She hardly convinced the clientele. This new architecture is more rewarding.

Too bad Volkswagen didn't take advantage of the restyling to replace the air conditioning interface with touch sliders located at the bottom of the screen, so use while driving proves to be perfect.

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In this first prototype launched by our spoon hunters, the integration into the furniture is already in line with the production version, which will be produced soon.

However, the wiring and the many switches, plus a red emergency stop button between the seats, testify to features that are still lacking.

This is confirmed by the sticker on the door lining stating that the driver's glass does not have an anti-smash system.

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