New traffic law has just come into force

The new traffic law is already in operation and with several determinations that are working at different times. Some are valid on a permanent basis, while others will only apply until 2024.

However, there are several of them that are already being used and some drivers are still not aware of the changes. If this is the case for you, it's best to be on the lookout today.

So, these changes were made to the Brazilian Traffic Code in 2021 through the Law No. 14,229/2021.

Therefore, see below what changes were implemented in this new traffic law. Keep reading!

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Mandatory suspensive effect

One of the most relevant changes was the so-called mandatory suspensive effect. It is related to suspension or revocation of the Driver's License.

Therefore, now the driver cannot have his document blocked and should not be unable to renew his CNH, if he is within the deadline.

This effect already existed before and many drivers even made use of it. However, it was only applied when the driver made his request.

Therefore, the driver needed to request that the fines and punishments be paused until the resources are exhausted.

However, it is different now: the driver cannot be penalized until the CNH suspension or revocation process has come to an end. That's what the new law says and it's already in force!

Fixed fine for legal entity

Another change that is already in effect and that it is necessary to be aware of concerns the fine for legal entities or companies.

If it is not possible to identify the offending driver, companies that have vehicles must pay the fines received by him.

So, before the indication of the driver was mandatory. That's because, it falls to him the infractions committed while using the company car.

However, now the fine will be directed to the company or legal entity. That's what the new traffic law says!

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However, there is still one factor that makes it even more serious. The amount will be twice the amount of the original fine.

So, if the driver commits a serious infraction of R$ 196.00, for example. If not identified, the legal entity will pay double. Therefore, the amount will be R$ 392.00 the amount to be paid.

Other important changes in the new traffic law
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In addition to all these changes, there are other changes to the new traffic law that are already in effect that you need to know about.

Thus, among them are:

Weight limit of 12.5%. Before it was 10%. Increase of 2.5%;

A driver who commits a light or medium infraction for the first time can only receive a warning. Before, he received a fine;

Overtaking cyclists is now a very serious fine on the CNH if the signal is not made;

Children under 10 and under 1.45 m tall must use a car seat.

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