Retro: The Honda Civic is fifty years old

Honda was the first motorcycle specialist to come to the automobile in 1963.

The Civic, launched in 1972, was the first “worldwide” Honda: the Japanese brand wanted to seduce city dwellers around the world with its reduced dimensions (only 3.54 meters) and a revolutionary, low-emission engine, “combustion controlled by composite vortex”.

Engineers have achieved a tour de force since the Civic met some of the most stringent anti-pollution standards in the world, those in the United States, where it enjoyed great success thanks in part to a level of reliability discovered by American drivers.

retro Honda Civic
photo reproduction

Produced in Suzuka, Japan, the Civic sold one million units in its first four years. Finally, in the United States, it is as appreciated as it is denigrated, with a cheap image, outside the codes of the American car threatened by the Japanese invasion.

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So in cinema one of the most famous Civics is the second generation Civic that Butch Collidge (Bruce Willis) borrows from his girlfriend, Fabienne, to get his watch in Pulp Fiction. With her, he crosses paths with Marsellus Wallace.

So for Honda, then, the Civic is a planetary saga with eleven generations and about 27.5 million units produced in fifty years.

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retro Honda Civic retro Honda Civic

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