Clio 5: Discover the new features of Renault

Renault's Clio continues its career with the fifth generation, in continuity with the previous version, sometimes to the point of confusing them, while its bodywork is completely new.

The Clio 5's design changes very little from its predecessor.

Let's say that Renault is playing the continuity card. Schematically, the design teams modified the shape of the headlights, the hood ribs and enlarged the grille. All this in a slightly shorter format by 1.2 cm (the new Clio measures 4.05 m against the 4.06 m of the Clio 4), but wider (+ 7 cm).

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Still, the entire bodywork is new in design. The real changes are found in the passenger compartment of the city. The quality of materials is clearly top notch. The Clio 5 also wants to be more technological to keep up with the times with – in particular – its 9.3-inch Easy Link display. Finally, note the presence of a large number of storage spaces (26) and a suitcase with a capacity of 391 liters.

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And on the road? During its testing after its launch, our journalist described the qualities placing it among the references in its segment of city cars. The strong point he didn't necessarily expect: the soundproofing of the “extremely tidy” cabin.

While waiting for a restyling, probably in 2023, the city car Renault continues to seduce drivers. As of January 1, 2022, 40,814 copies have been sold according to CCFA and AAA Data. We are talking here about all versions of the model intended for individuals (engines and finishes for the new market).

Since its arrival on the market in 2019, the fifth generation Clio has sold over 260,000 copies. Its success has not been denied over the generations.

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And the Clio 5 against the Peugeot 208 in terms of sales? Well, the second generation of the Lion's city car does better. However, it is necessary to specify that sales include the thermal versions (diesel and gasoline) and the electric version 100% e-208.

In this year 2022, since January 1st, the 208 greatly surpasses the Clio 5 with 57,668 copies for the first against 40,814 for the second. And in 2020 and 2021, the second generation 208 surpassed the Clio 5: 92,796 compared to 84,031 copies in 2020, 88,013 compared to 85,247 copies in 2021.

Source: Reproduction
Source: Reproduction

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