Mercedes GLC is the new hybrid SUV

With its 31.2 kWh battery, the new GLC has remarkable electric ranges for a plug-in hybrid SUV. But, on the other hand, the weight of the battery is playing tricks on the powerful.

To say that Mercedes has gone to great lengths to replace the GLC is an understatement, because the first in the name is nothing less than the mercedes best seller in the world in recent times!

This isn't necessarily visible at first glance because the newcomer looks a lot like his predecessor, the star doesn't risk upsetting the popular styling of his favorite SUV - while the two generations hardly share a common space.

But this lack of aesthetic ambition is amply compensated for by technical developments.

Starting off, for the three plug-in hybrid variants on offer, it looks like a massive 31.2 kWh battery pack, replacing the 13.5 kWh battery of its predecessor.

We are not far from what an electric Fiat 500 with a large battery (37.3 kWh) offers. For this first test of the new GLC, it is a 300 variant of – hence diesel PHEV – that has passed through our hands.

Behind the wheel, you don't have to drive for a long time to enjoy the comfort offered by the GLC 300.

Lulled by the air suspension provided as standard on plug-in hybrids and persuaded by a seat with excellent support, you'll feel at peace behind the wheel.

Especially since it has been almost 100 km since the GLC 300 Carbide without having started its four-cylinder diesel. A feat usually reserved for purely electric cars.

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The battery powers a block that offers 136 hp and 440 Nm of torque, enough to comfortably move this big guy (4.72 m, or 6 cm more than before) on our current route, consisting mainly of national roads limited to 80 km. /H.

The monastic silence that reigns on board is only tainted, as in real electric cars, by noises you don't usually hear, in this case, rolling noises.

On the other hand, we realized very quickly that this big battery doesn't come without some drawbacks.

Compared to a GLC 220d that offers the same 197hp 2.0-liter diesel, our 300 plug-in advertises 415kg more. That's 2,415 kg in total! The resulting mass and inertia are felt in the first corner despite the rear wheels present (option at a price not yet known).

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This is the first time that the GLC is entitled to this refinement, with a maximum opposing turning angle of 4.5°.

You can feel the rear end turning in the clamps, but that doesn't eliminate the weight felt behind the wheel. This is mitigated, however, with the switch from hybrid mode to Sport.

The steering is firming up and the damping, hitherto comfortable, but smooth on undulations, contains better movements.

With 335 hp and 750 Nm of available accumulated torque channeled through the 4Matic all-wheel drive, overtaking is a formality on short straights.

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