BMW Z4 2022: Restyled but still true to its 6-cylinder!

Among the latest 2-seater convertibles on the market, the BMW Z4 is holding out. Just passed the restyling box. Check it out below.

Admittedly, roadsters are rarely present on the automotive scene, but the German manufacturer would no doubt have liked to sell just over 235 of them in 2021.

Still, this third generation has gained 55,000 customers worldwide and that doesn't cut short of traditional mid-career restyling.

As usual with the Bavarian, the differences are minimal. They mainly concern the shields, the grids and the lights.

All punctuated with new body colors. All these elements have suffered some pencil strokes, which does not make the old vintage obsolete.

In the cabin, the Z4 2022 does not follow the trend of BMWs recent ones, which are moving to all-touch.

It must be said that the German roadster still shares its fundamentals with the Toyota Supra and that this platform probably does not allow the installation of a new electronic architecture.

That said, it's better for ergonomics, because if BMW's multimedia has come a long way, that panel adorned with buttons dedicated to unique functions remains easier to use.

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Under the big hood of the Z4, no change, but a disappearance, that of the 258 hp mid-range 30i version. Customers will be able to choose between the entry-level 20i which, despite its name, already extracts 197 hp from its 2.0 turbo and is more than enough given the convertible's perfectible chassis.

For some time still, the M40i version maintains its melodious and powerful 6-cylinder in-line.

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It still develops 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque delivered to the rear wheels only.

Pricing for the refurbished Z4 has yet to be announced.

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