BMW S1000RR 2023: the new rocket from Bavaria

The latest BMW S1000RR gets a real overhaul for 2023: more power, new geometry, new technological equipment and revised cycle part.

While an “M” (Motorsport) version has been fueling rumors for a few days now, BMW Motorrad has revealed all the features of its new S1000RR.

At first glance, the German hyper sports car gets a pair of fins for greater stability at (very) high speeds. Like the M 1000 RR, they provide up to 10 kg of support. So certainly these “spoilers” are an added weight, but the mass gained is counterbalanced by the lightness of the “M” battery supplied as standard.

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If the aluminum “Flex Frame” remains identical, its lateral flexibility is improved. In addition, the geometry has been reworked: +0.5° caster angle, +16mm wheelbase, triple clamp offset shortened by 3mm and track increased by 5.9mm. All these changes should significantly improve steering accuracy.

The gain is small, but still noticeable! The power goes from 207 to 210 hp with a loss of 3 km/h at top speed (303 km/h against 306 km/h). The 4-cylinder now develops its maximum power at 13,750 rpm (250 rpm more than the previous crop).

The 113 Nm of torque doesn't change, but it arrives 500 rpm later (11,000 rpm). The 46-tooth transmission chainring has been reduced to 45 to promote better acceleration at all revs.

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In addition to its standard Shiter PRO and its 4 riding modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic and Race), the DTC traction control is improved with the addition of an angle sensor that offers two new functions: “Slide Control” and “Brake”. Slide Assist" ".

They allow control of the rear wheel slipping and braking with each acceleration in a turn. ABS Pro is also complemented by an additional “Slick” adjustment which, as its name suggests, will adapt the bike to the tires on the track.

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