GOLF SW 1.5 ESI R-LINE: An evolution of the predecessor

It's a Golf 8, yes, not necessarily the most successful (I have a preference for the 6th generation), but it's not the most failed either. In its breaking variant, the compact is quite pleasant to look at and is not transfigured.

The Golf 8 SW maintains this somewhat sad look, but sees its silhouette evolve in a functional way, avoiding the backpack effect, despite the 30 cm more swing (at 4.63 m).

At the rear, the lights are identical to those of the sedan, but the set asserts itself a little more, in particular with those dual exhausts specific to this R-Line finish.

Plus, this one adds 18-inch rims (coated, so watch out for sidewalks) and specific rocker panels, just to add a little more allure.

Source: Reproduction

Inside, there's no change of scenery for the front passengers. The whole is taken from the sedan, with 10.25-inch digital instrumentation and a 10-inch center touchscreen… and the risky touch controls that come with it.

At the rear, the new dimensions directly benefit passengers, with generous legroom and good headroom. Attention, however, the well dug seats do not allow the transport of 3 passengers (except for a short trip).

The quality of the interior is good, even if some materials are basic. This effect, which is mitigated by touches of alcantara here and there, and mainly by the adoption of beautiful shell-type benches printed R.

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The Golf 8 SW doesn't forget the practical aspects. In addition to the traditional stowage in the door compartments and stowage in the center console, the new version sees great things for its trunk.

With a good cut and a load threshold at the right time, it immediately encourages you to do your shopping. But it is above all its volume of 611 l that matters (against the 608 l of the new Peugeot 308 SW). As well as the possibility of folding the seatbacks from the luggage compartment: that is, going out on Sundays at Ikea will no longer be 'a myth'.

Having volume is good, being able to carry everything effortlessly is better. We know that 3-cylinder engines must be spared, otherwise consumption will increase without really taking off on the road.

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The chassis tracks easily and offers good balance and precise steering. Only the R-Line finish and its sporty running gear come to increase comfort, especially at low speeds.

The part you will prefer is the silence of the engine, being almost inaudible in classic driving (like when stopped where it cuts right before). But above all its softness. The alternator starter as well as the DSG7 supplied as standard provide smooth starts and then smooth, economical city driving.

Source: Reproduction
Source: Reproduction

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